Resort 09 V

1. Richard Chai:

I love the shape and the print of this dress (even if it makes the model's legs look stumpy). I won't lie though, that my absolute favorite thing are the shoes. Does Richard Chai make shoes? Will I have to contact them to see where they got them? Stay tuned for the results.

I love the combination of fabrics on this one. The dress is really girly, and the vest sort of grounds it a bit and offers a bit more contrast and texture. I have recently taken to wearing a vest with one of my trapeze dresses from last summer, which really works because it changes the silhouette a bit and it updates it from "the dress I wore all last summer" to "the outfit I'll wear all this summer". HA! I'm a riot.

2. Doo.Ri:

I love the easy, breezy attitude of this look and the sweet, soft layering. It's delicate without feeling too prissy, and feels insanely cool.

3. Jason Wu:

The combination of pieces, fabrics and textures here is really cool. This feels like it was put together by a real person, and I quite enjoy when "runway" looks look like "real-life" looks because I can appreciate the clothes on a slightly different level.

4. Jenni Kayne:

I am SO into the combination of neon colors with neutrals, and this is so incredibly cool and sexy. I don't know that I like the sandals very much with the rest of the ensemble, but I will definitely be on the lookout for a cool skin-toned piece to incorporate with the rest of my neon yellow pieces.

5. Jonathan Saunders:

Oh Jonathan Saunders, I do love him so. I liked his resort collection much more than his offerings for fall, and this is one of the reasons why. The tunic is the perfect combination of lime green and mustard and I'm even enjoying the slouchy, potato sack-like silhouette.

There's something to be said about throwing on a simple dress and automatically looking perfectly put together. The bright geometric shapes and the sheer black fabric are just super chic and a little nutty. I would wear this every-single-day.

And speaking of simple dresses, take a look at this little number. I am a sucker for stripes, blues and turquoises so of course I was immediately drawn to it. It would be so perfect to wear to an outdoor cocktail party on a nice summer evening with some strappy flat gold sandals. Picture perfect.

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Elisabeth said...

I love outfit number 3.