Resort 09 VII

1. Yves Saint Laurent:

Stefano Pilati's offerings for Resort were truly magnificent. They were very grown up and powerful but also had a softer side. He played with volume and menswear shapes and it all felt very modern while being conscious of the past. I love this look because it's so playful yet dignified at the same time; plus, I am super into the combination of volume and colors.

I don't know if I can quite explain the reason why I am so attracted to this look. It's just a suit that seems sort of outdated, but when you see it in fuschia with a baby blue blouse under it, it seems remarkably modern and, dare I say it, edgy. The jacket is definitely the piece-de-resistance.

I never know where exactly I would wear these sorts of things, but that doesn't stop me from falling in love with them every time I see it. Also, save your gladiator sandals, they'll be around for a while.

2. Bottega Veneta:

Tomas Maier continues to make the women swoon in his incredibly chic and classy clothes. Sometimes the clothes seem a little mature, but only in their impeccable-ness. This is a super-easy look but I couldn't resist the print. It's just such a cool shade of blue! If that cardigan was in my closet, I would wear it ALL THE TIME. Wouldn't it look so cool with my new Chloe sandals?

Don't you just want to die at how simply chic this look is? (I hope y'all read that sentence in the appropriate tone, dahling). Seriously though, blue and brown has always been one of my favorite combinations and in this dress-and-belt look the colors are just absolutely rich. I bet you Julianne Moore would look ridiculously fabulous in this.

More brown and blue, this time with a bit of burnt sienna thrown in for good measure. This feels a bit Southwestern without being hokey. I quite love the thick bands of color.

3. Cynthia Rowley:

My obsession for semi-sheer dresses continues. This Cynthia Rowley one is just darling.


susie_bubble said...

YSL is having me in palpitations...where do you find your resort pics by the by?

laia. said...

Most of them come from Style.com and others come from NewYorkMag.com.