Resort 09 XI

Phew! I think the Resort showings are finally slowing down (because Couture season is just around the corner I'm guessing) so that's good news!

1. Moschino:

There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about this, but I really love the way it's put together (even if it's a little reminiscent of Prada's Resort looks from earlier this year). I am a big fan of lady-like retro-vibes, and this just seems like an easy going look that can go from day to a fancy night. I especially love the big bow pin placed near the shoulder, so I guess I picked it more as an inspiration guide rather than for its actual components.

2. Akris:

I love love love the awesome vibe of this outfit. Although it seems to owe a little bit to Stefano Pilati's recent offerings over at YSL, I think it has been liberated enough from it where it doesn't look like a blatant rip-off. Even without the vest (which seems great here, but doesn't really seem viable in real life), the silhouette is very jet-set chic but relaxed. The color combination packs a strong punch without being totally obnoxious about it.

3. Balenciaga:

Meh. I was really looking forward to seeing Nicholas Ghesquiere's latest offerings and was SO bummed out about it. I mean, is this even new looking to you? It's not. I think the first pants are ugly, ugly, ugly, but I really liked the top. Actually, that's all I liked.; these two tops shown here and then the easy-breezy dress because it looks tough and lady-like at the same time. That's it. I hope the Spring show isn't as disappointing.


readysetfashion said...

i agree on the balenciaga collection. actually ghesquiere's resort have been lookin the same three years running.....but i do like the colors he used for 08.

Stefanie said...

gorgeous resort review!