Another round of Tarjay

I have a confession to make. I don't really own any Target designer collaboration pieces (ok, I have a pair of Proenza Schouler seersucker bermuda shorts and a black bag/suitcase type thing but I don't think that counts). It's weird because I get really excited when the pictures come out and then when I go to the store, nothing is available or stuff just doesn't look that cute anymore so I just don't buy it (I really DID want a Proenza bustier but I'm not one to wake up early and stand in line before a store opens just to buy something... it feels weird). Anywho, Racked LA has all the images from the Richard Chai collection, and I think this might be the one that will actually end up in my closet.

From left to right:
#1: the skirt.
I am loving the combination of ruffles and what appears to be a zipper running down the front. I don't have enough skirts in my wardrobe so this is has a really good chance of making it there.

#2: the skirt.
I love purple, and this one seems like it could even be dressed up a bit. I will definitely want to check this out in person.

#3: the long vest.
Like I've mentioned before, at first I was like "long vests? ICK!" but, Stefano Pilati wins again and I would really like to try this on and see what it looks like. I think it has a TON of potential.

#4: the blazer.
Dude, it's bright blue. This HAS GOT to be mine.

Well played Richard Chai! Let's see what happens on August 3 (2 days before my birthday!!!) when the collection finally hits stores.


niki said...

i'm the same way about all the target collections. they look much nicer online and then you get to target and it's not so exciting. that being said, i always end up buying the really basic shirts they wont even show online from whatever collection.

myrtlebeachbum said...

Laia you must come to Myrtle Beach. We haz no style, and the designer racks at Target are always untouched. I have fit issues with most of the clothes, but if I DO want any of them, they're mine for the taking.

SBJ said...

Oh. My. God. MBB, that is sad. SAD. I weep.

The Domina said...

I always love the GO designers when I see the clothes online but then I see them in the store and they inevitably look like they'd fall apart or not fit someone with anything over an A-cup. But I do covet that purple skirt, keep us updated!

elizabeth said...

i've been meaning to post that first look for days- front-zip orange skirt!! yes, yes, yes.

Elysia said...

the collections do never look as good in person; you are so right. this one does appear to have some definite potential though...