Attention Mall Shoppers! There is a sale at Barneys

Not to toot my own horn here or anything, but I'm a pretty good sales shopper (dude, my shoe collection can totally attest to this). I basically go most of the season without buying anything and then when the sales start I pounce like a wolf! The sale at Barneys is currently at 75% off (at least online), so I thought I would bring you the best pieces under $100.

I have been in love with this Wayne top since I saw it on the Barneys catalog early this season. I am sucker for zippers and I loved that the zippers were lined in red because it made the top look a little gory and bloody. It was originally priced at $370 so I was like ehhhh, if I'm in the mood for blood I'll just go watch some Sifl and Olly, but now it's $89 which is so cheap it's scary! (Haha, I'm so punny).

This Vena Cava skirt also features a zipper, but for added cuteness it has some soft pleats that really make it stand out from any other random white skirt. This is perfect to wear now, and I think in early fall when you pair it with black tights and some killer boots you will look amazing and turn heads and rule the world. It is now $79 from $298. You know what to do!

These Marc by Marc Jacobs jazz shoes are quite cute and comfortable. At first I was a bit on the fence about the studs, but now I think they grew on me and they will probably do wonders for a simple tee and skinny jean outfit (I always love sprucing up my outfits with my shoes). They were $325 and are now $80 and are available in pretty much every size. I recommend you order a size up with Marc shoes since they tend to run a bit small and/or narrow. After you have them, your life can totally be a musical and you can break out into song on the street. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES! And dont forget your jazz hands!


sleepyhead said...

i'm such a cheapskate. the most expensive thing i own is like 60 dollars, marked down a gazillion times. i can't help it, i love a good bargain. i'm always like, dude i can wait until this goes on sale and if it doesn't then its not meant to be - as if its like a man or something.

newayz, i like that huge zipper on the vena cava skirt.

Enfievre said...

i can totally picture you in the m x mj oxfords. do ittttt!!

Katlin at URPLE said...

So many sales, such little money!

1234 said...

that is a sweet sale! i love the top.

Rollergirl said...


coco said...

When I was in New York I forgot all about Barney's. It was like the only store I didn't go too!