Fall 08 Couture: Christian Dior

Couture season has begun! The good news is that I don't have to write a WTF post for Christian Dior this time (seriously, that pained me!) but the bad news is that I feel like John Galliano has been stuck in a loop for the past few seasons. Remember when every season he would magically whisk us away to the Andes, China and Jamaica? Every time I clicked on his name on Style.com I would ask myself "I wonder what he has in store for me this season?", but now it's all debutante this and debutante that and it just doesn't feel that special anymore.

And yet I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, don't get me wrong, this was a wonderful, beautiful collection. The contrast between the hard, architectural corset against the flow-y, sheer fabric is just magnificent. The hats were absolutely amazing as well.

This is just breathtaking! The lace in this suit looks so crisp it could almost be paper cut-outs. I really love the peplum silhouette that he used throughout, it always looks so chic, I wonder what made it go away? This hat is probably my favorite in the entire show because it reminds me of gorgeous Veronica Lake-like hair.

I'll admit that the gold details on this jacket might normally seen as tacky, but it just looks so wonderful here! I imagine a very chic pilot wearing this for some reason, and I think that's sort of hilarious. I think the trick to wearing sheer bottoms and circumventing the "slutty" feeling is to wear it with little underpants with a retro silhouette like this one. It transforms it into a saucy minx look.

The draping in this dress is just to-die for. It looks like she wrapped some fabric around herself and then secured it by wrapping it through her belt. This dress will surely make a red carpet appearance.

Although I am not loving the color palette in this gown (too rainbow sherbet for my taste); I am once again drawn to the contrast of the stiff corset with the flowing fabric. The exaggerated "pockets" on it are my favorite part.

Dudes, can you say va-va-voom? Fuckin' fabulous. But I'm going to be honest, I don't know how I would feel about seeing this in the real world, sure Christina Ricci pulled of wearing a similar leotard-within-a-dress thing, but she could get away with it because it was the Costume Institute Ball. Would the solution be to have a slightly darker sheer fabric? Maybe. Would it ruin the diva factor? Probably not. But this is one hell of a beautiful gown.

And the shoes? Perfect mix of S&M and glam. I adore these.


elizabeth said...

i am SO BEHIND at looking at teh shows! aaaah!


am i losing it, or do they seem like they would be totally comfortable????

laia. said...

you are not losing it! i thought the same thing. unless we are both losing it... :(