Fall 08 Couture I

1. Chanel:
This review will be split into two sections.
Section A: Beautiful and Genius.

I love a herringbone pattern, which is why I love this look so much. It's very classic and lady-like and very Chanel. I was expecting to see Irina holding a cigarette with a cigarette holder in her hand. (I also totally love the Anna Wintour short bobs on everyone).

Absolutely breathtaking and possibly made of gossamer and dreams. I always love the way that Karl uses sheer fabrics and this is no exception. I almost wish that the armband thingamajigs matched the bodice perfectly when worn (I'm pretty sure if you lay the dress flat they will match). This dress is the perfect combination of showcasing beautiful couture technique while still being an approachable design for pretty much every woman.

Ok, so this look just screams BARBIE, but I don't care I love it. I love the "careless" way it's wrapped around the body and the shade of pink is just right. I would also love to walk around with my own personal face frame.

Space Queen Dress! Oh how I love thee. If someone ever wore this they would probably get grilled by the stupid tabloid fashion police, but who gives a crap about what people on Earth think when you are the Space Queen? Also, I would love to see someone wear that top with some skinny jeans, could you imagine? Fab-u-lous.

Clear heels can often feel... stripperish. Not at Chanel, of course. These are amazing, and the smoky degrade effect is just the right thing to make this something more than a run of the mill shoe. This would be a great pair to invest in actually, because it's such a classic shape. You would wear them forever and everytime you wore them people would flip out and ask where you got it. I love it when that happens.

Section B. Good Idea, Bad Execution.
(aka. Yes, I see where you were going with these, but I think I'll pass)

From a technical standpoint, this is really amazing. I want to imagine that they cut the fabric for the skirt twice as long then folded it up and somehow created those amazing folds. Aesthetically? Not so much, I love pockets on a dress more than everything, but not when they look like an upside down umbrella.

I love the sleeves on this. Really, I do. But it just doesn't work on this! I don't know if it's because the sleeves are swallowing poor Jill Bauwens, but this is some horrible Robocop outfit gone awry. The Karl gloves aren't doing much for this either.

I debated for a really long time which category I would put this look in, because I think it's gorgeous. But I kept staring at it and thinking "air conditioner filter sleeves air conditioner filter sleeves", and that sort of put a damper on the whole situation. Am I being too picky? Why does the volume start in no-man's-land? I love you awkward sleeve dress!

2. Christian Lacroix:

Ok, so this is totally wacky and probably Wednesday Addam's dream wedding dress or whatever, but I am super drawn to it. The color palette is great and I even love those superfluous fabric pinwheels at the hips.

3. Givenchy:

This collection was all about monochromatic, and I am SO there. This dress is perfect. There's really nothing else I can say about it.

Even with the weird horse-hooves boot things, I think this is a rocking look. I quite love the draped dress and I think they puffy jacket gives it a slight subversive feel. (Also, I think puffy jackets are hideous but if this one was anywhere near my price range, you bet I would be wearing it every snow day ever).

This is weird and awkward and from the future. I love it.

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The Honorable Mayor of Bethville said...

Oooh! I was wondering where my hand drill attachments went. For shame, section B. For shame.