I took the plunge


They are super comfortable and I love them.
I decided to take out the white shoelaces and put in the magenta ones that also came with them.
At the supermarket and old gentleman stopped me and said he liked my outfit.
I love compliments the best when they come from unexpected sources.

Also totally digging my sweet new hat, I might just wear it everyday.

Photographs by Monsieur Nick Venduras, broseph extraordinaire.


Anonymous said...

yesssssss! they look fantastic

susie_bubble said...

I love compliments from old ppl too.... glad you bought them!

1234 said...

same about the compliments thing. i knew you would totally be able to pull them off, they look great. sweet outfit too, all the colours look so good together.

Ana said...

Wow for the dress's texture! And your hair color looks perfect with your hat's color (love that hat).
To wear different colors is definitely an art!

laia. said...

so psyched on them!

editor said...

agree with ana - beautiful balance of colors.
great shoes!

Katlin at Urple said...

You look awesome! I love your entire look on you! And yes, compliments from the unexpected admirer are always nice!!

SBJ said...

Oh, Laia. You make me happy when skies are gray. LOVE THE CHOICE OF LACES COLOR.

Isabel said...

i don't like nikes in general, but these are really different. And you totally rock them!