Inspiration is everywhere

This is my friend Meaghan playing dress-up when she was a kid. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this picture since I saw it a couple days ago, so I asked her permission to blog about it. I will now make a list of all the ways that this picture is awesome.
  1. Let's start with the wonderful use of accessories. I think there is something incredibly old-timey and classy about wearing jewelry over clothes. A gaudy necklace over a turtleneck, an oversized bracelet or (my favorite) rings over gloves, suddenly make everything look very chic and put together.
  2. Opera length gloves worn over a long sleeve and scrunched down always look super cool. If you need more proof please see Sasha Pivovarova in this month's issue of Vogue.
  3. Matching your sunglasses to your outfit feels very now and very decadent, especially since everytime I go to H&M I see a pair that I like. For 5 bucks, this is an awesome way to spruce up your life. Plus it's so ridiculous, and I love a bit of ridiculousness in my life.
  4. That crazy silver cooter-shaped leather cape thing. I don't know what it is, and she doesn't know what it is either, but I think we can all agree that it is totally RAD. Although not all of us can pull of a Georgia O'Keefe inspired getup, I think the point is to try to wear things that are unexpected and a bit weird, because they will end up working out super cool. My whole point this summer was to try to step outside my comfort zone when getting dressed and I think this picture is an awesome reminder to do just that.
  5. And finally, her wicked-cool attitude in this picture that says "Don't you just love me? I look great". A little bit of confidence never hurt anyone, especially when you wear it with a smile.


meaghan said...

I have never been more honored in my life. I already left this in your Facebook. But as someone who was a fashion inspiration at such a young age and went on to squander it, I take great pride in this post.

Katie said...

So cute!!! And awesome.

I will never be as stylish as you, Meaghan.

susie_bubble said...

Meaghan...the cape...the blinding cape....it's amazing!

*h said...

I love this picture, too. And it is killing me to try to figure out what the cooter-cape actually is.

My grandmother always wore plastic beads over her turtlenecks. I have all of them, and you better believe I rock them, hard.

Meaghan said...

The cooter cape is a sash, I'm sure of it. I'm just wearing it wrong, because that's how I roll.

laia. said...

hah! susie i knew you would love that silver thing.

The Minister said...

I wish I were this awesome.

That is all.

Wait, no, Meaghan, tiny Minister wishes she knew tiny Meaghan back in the day, because she would have liked to have worn the cootercape.

etoilee8 said...

This is a great post. What a way to honour your friends :)