Resort 09: Sophia Kokosalaki

I've always loved Sophia Kokosolaki. She has a beautiful way to work with draping and fabric, but usually the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions her name is intricate pleating. I thought her resort collection was absolutely magnificent, and it felt more private and understated that her usual fare. All these pieces are so incredibly clean, simple and just plain beautiful, the kind of clothes that can speak volumes without obviously screaming for attention.

This trenchcoat is simple and timeless with just enough details to make it memorable. It perfectly mixes a military vibe with femininity.

It's just a white dress, you say. And you're right, but it's so... right. I can't really tell what the material is from the picture but I just know that it's something really special, it feels secretly luxurious.

Another simple dress. You can probably find a version of this at Gap, and it would be cute too, but again, the fabric is what makes this perfect.

This swan neck is driving me crazy. It's just so so beautiful. I love the way it cuts away from the sweetheart neckline and then wraps around the neck, like it's dancing around the body. It's just breathtaking.

Maxi-minimalist. Yes yes yes yes yes. Intricate pleating at the top that unflds into the perfect skirt at the bottom. You could wear this with sandals to walk around the city or you could wear this with heels and your hair up to go to a formal affair. This is the dress that would never stay in your closet for long, the dress that turns heads, the dress that gets you jobs, just the dress. THE dress.

I love you Sophia.


readysetfashion said...

wow, i couldn't agree more with someone regarding a dress. the bodice of the black gown is literaly p-e-r-f-e-c-t....

The Domina said...

I need ALL of them!!! I did just make something similar to the white dress (Simplicity 3835 if you sew) though that fabric is lovely.

sleepyhead said...

whoa, that swan neck is pretty much perfection.

The Minister said...

That trench is perfect. I love it.

elizabeth said...

i love the swan neck !