Think outside the box?

I have been swooning over this pair of Liberty Print Nikes for a couple of months now. The fabric is beautiful, the colors are great and they remind me of the flower print Docs I always wanted and never got. I didn't think about it too much because I was sure that my legs would look completely ridiculous in these clunky shoes, so when I went to Opening Ceremony and saw them, I didn't think much more beyond "oh these are so cute!". There was nothing to be bought that day, and when I was walking out and picked them up again, I knew that I needed to try them on to prove to myself that they look ridiculous so I could stop dreaming of them.

Of course they don't look bad at all!
The problem is, that I am not the kind of girl that wears Dunks and although I used to wear sneakers all the time (especially when I worked at H&M), I am totally a flats kind of girl these days. So what to do? I have been trying to think outside of my comfort zone when it comes to getting dressed lately, so I don't understand what my big problem is with these sneakers. I put them on hold so I could sleep on it. Informal polls with my friends weren't so redeeming; 2 out of 3 boys said "ABSOLUTELY NOT" as soon as I asked them if I could pull these sneakers off and my girlfriends said "YES YES YES", and not that I dress up for boy attention, but that has to count for something right? In the end, I think that I'm going to end up getting them because I have a feeling that these would be the kind of shoes that 3 months down the line I would get an awful feeling of regret at not getting them, and god knows that they would go for a trillion dollars on Ebay and I would never buy them there. The other thing that helped sway my decision is this picture of Sarah Lerfel wearing them at Coachella earlier this year.

I mean, if she can wear them, then so can I right?

So what do you guys think? Should I get them?


awesome andrea said...

absolutely yes.

but you knew this already.

SBJ said...

See, the thing of it is that in my dreams, you are always skipping around through sprinklers and whatnot in shoes just like this.

Then rainbows snap down to kiss your little nose and puppies appear at your perfectly tied shoelaces.

It's true.

1234 said...

do it! i think you could rock them really well.

readysetfashion said...


Anonymous said...

i think they are simply fantastic and i want you to have them since i cannot. please please get them and take pictures of you frolicking around in them, as they are my dream shoes

gilda said...

definitely!! i think they're really pretty. i wanted them myself too but alas, i'm broke. :)

susie_bubble said...

Go go go!

laia. said...

thanks everyone!
they are in my possession, pictures forthcoming.