What a difference a few pounds make

This post is not about Daisy Lowe, don't worry. This post is about the awesome fall Prada she is wearing in this photo from Tatler, which I spyed over on Some Notes on Napkins. First, I thought she was wearing lace leggings, and even though I 'm a little over leggings, the prospect of having that beautiful lace covering my legs made my heart skip a beat. I looked at the caption to check out the price and found out that they're not leggings at all, but a catsuit! Omg, a lace catsuit! I went back to Style.com to look through the collections, because I couldn't believe I had missed a lace catsuit, when I came across this picture of Amanda Laine wearing the same look.

Err, as you can see, it looks like she is wearing lace pants, not a skintight catsuit. What gives dudes? You know, if the model you want to use for a particular look can't... fill out the piece as you intended, then maybe you should give it to someone else? There's no way that she's really showcasing this look to its best.

It's funny that a post about a cool catsuit turned into a "man oh man look at how bad this looks on the runway" post.

Bottomline is:
  1. I love the Prada lace.
  2. I don't have 2 grand to drop on a lace catstuit.
  3. Amanda Laine should not be wearing the Prada catsuit (though I do love her eyebrows).

Oh and another thing I love about this Prada collection? THE PEPLUMS ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY!!! I am guessing they are going to be around 600? I am trying to figure out how to do a DIY about this, but the truth is I don't know if I want to wear a lace peplum that I made myself? Oh and yeah, two Prada posts in a row, totally nuts.


coco said...

I was looking at this Daisy shoot earlier today. She does look great in the lace it has to be said!

sleepyhead said...

or you could just snag a peplum off of ebay, they have pretty vintage ones.

Belle said...

she pulls off lace like a pro.

i second sleepyhead's idea about ebay.

angiesyounglover said...

i like the look of it stopping at the ankles, but at the same time, i think lace creeping out of a stiletto mary jane would look awfully sexy, should this style take to tights. if it hasn't already, i don't know.

Cherryred said...

Wow! I'm such a daisy fan and I love this picture. I'm amazed at the differance between the two models. Wow! Thanks for posting this, it has made my day. And also broke my piggy bank as I gather together pennies for some black lace. (the material, not the pop group)

Meg said...

I'm not a Daisy Lowe-lover, but she's definately working the catsuit better than the Prada model. I can't believe there are such differences between their sizes!

The Domina said...

Oooh, I agree with angiesyounglover, lace tights would be brilliant! Especially with a short skirt and mary janes.

susie_bubble said...

I can't believe i was fooled...I'm not a Daisy Lowe fan but she does wear the catsuit far better than the model!

elizabeth said...

there was DIY peplum-age over at kingdom of style a week or two ago i think...

Stefanie said...

Dear Laia,
I just linked this post to a friend with the caption

ryder said...

nobody under 18 should ware it.

but-i love amanda laine. one of my fav.


thats hilarious. I love it on Daisy.