Come flare away

The moment has come. I am totally ready to put away the skinny jeans for a while. I fell in love with the awesome bell-trousers at the Burberry show, and while my old James jeans are nowhere near as fancy as Christopher Bailey's version, they have become my trusty fall-to jeans. I'm really digging them, they give me a more relaxed boho vibe which I've sort of been trying to channel in a very subtle way. I think wearing flats with them also helps with the easy-going vibe and although I generally favor a pointier toe when wearing wide pants, I think the ridiculous brightness of the shoes makes up for it. It's a simple, semi-preppy look. I'm feeling pretty good about myself and mah flares today.


1234 said...

i think the pointy toe would look really good with that look, but the neon colour makes it cool and casual/

The Minister said...

I love round-toe shoes with wide-leg pants.

I'm wearing some wide-leg pants today that I think I'm going to get hemmed for flats. I usually wear them with heels, just because wide leg + heels = the closest I get to being an Amazon.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I love this, and you're right on about the neon more than making up for lack of pointed toe!