Complainy McComplainypants

You know what sucks? When you have three, THREE posts that you are super PSYCHED to be writing; and you take pictures and you prep everything and you are so excited to share the awesomeness and when you get to work the internet is DOWN so you spend the entire day playing solitaire and spider solitaire and pinball and free cell like when you were 12 and you went to work with your dad and he would let you play on the computer to pass the time.
So hopefully TOMORROW the internet at work will be fixed and I can get back to writing. I really need to fix my laptop so I can use my digital camera on it. Ah Laziness!!!


Here's a couple of hints of what's coming up soon..
Alice Dellal infiltrates my brain
Ebay strikes again... it rhymes with falenciama
bandage skirrrrts
Yeah, it's gonna turn out to be a crazy outfit-filled couple of weeks
woo woo woo!!!


Tavi said...

Oh boy, being 12 years old playing solitaire at your dad's work? I know the feeling.
LACE LACE LACE? I can't wait! Hope you gets internetzz soon.

elizabeth said...

balenciaga ebay?


angiesyounglover said...

can you feature that brilliant smurf necklace you wore over to cat's because i think it is amazesome.

susie_bubble said...

I'm going to be back on the eBay train so fast....