Copenhagen Spring 09 I

1. Back by Ann-Sofie Back
I love the fluidity of Ann-Sofie Back's work. I love the way the striped in this dress become a waterfall around the body and create a sense of hidden sensuality.

2. Bibi Ghost
Lately I've started to really get into wearing oversized things so I'm really drawn to the almost-cape shirt. The color palette is absolutely perfect for spring.

3. By Malene Birger
This look is so so cool! The tri-ruffle/color blouse is super cute and the slouchy silhouette of the pants is just perfect.

This is SO over the top which is why I'm so into it, of course. I love the contrast of all the materials, especially the metallic little dress with the wooden platforms. Very "i-wanna-live-with-common-people-like-you".

4. Camilla Staerk
Lace bustier makes another appearance! Love it paired with slouchy paperbag-waist pants. Secret sexy.

5. Cheap Monday
The print in this dress is so nuts that I just fell in love with it. It's a nerd's dream.


caitlin said...

Wow, they're absolutely beautiful. Especially 3 and 5.

cake. said...

i love that first dress. it's like a dazzle ship!