Copenhagen Spring 09 II

1. Designers Remix
I love the contraast of fabrics and textures in this look. It seems both grungy and futuristic.

OMG how awesome in this dress? There is a weird tension created by the fact that this dress seems to be made with a fabric that's incongruous to its design. It seems very fancy and downtown (I know, I know, but no other word seemed appropriate in that sentence).

Cityscapes hairdos are amazing.

2. R├╝tzou
More slouchy/slim combinations in awesome space pastel colors.

3. Stine Goya

YES to gold slouchy pants!!! It's Tilda Swinton gone Disco Queen and I love everything about it.


Soul Tanggg said...

that HAIR is out of this world!
i can't stop staring at it!

elizabeth said...

that hair!!! joder. crazytown!