Get 'em while they're hot

This is a total advertisement for myself

I have listed a couple of things on ebay to offset costs of ridiculous Prada obsession. Please feel free to mosey on over and bid on some cute shoes.

Up for grabs:

Awesome pair of vintage Betsey Johnson mules! They are too small for me but I love them and it reeeally hurts to part with them.

Yes, I am saying Adieu to the awesome Nikes. I bought them because I loved them and I wanted to try to wear something new but the truth is, they are just not my style. I loved the way they looked with the one dress, but I had so much trouble wearing them with anything else, so in the end, I think they deserve a better home with someone that will wear them all the time and love them and look super rad in them.

So bid bid bid if you are interested! My wallet will be forever grateful.

And now back to your regularly scheduled posts.


angiesyounglover said...

nooo feather, not the dunks! you just got them, kinda, right? skinny jeans and dresses is all you need. please rethink this! they are ace defined, yo, you can't get rid of them!

laia. said...

i know! it hurts, but they're just not me. I tried to wear them with skinny jeans last week and I felt like I was in costume.
I am SUPER bummed.

Anonymous said...

this is awfully sad. unfortunately, my parents forbid me to use ebay, or i would be bidding like hell for those nikes.

laurakitty said...

Cute stuff!
I love your blog- wanna trade links?

elizabeth said...

i am about to do the same thing; i need to clean out my life an beacon's is a bunch of aholes. i have never sold anything on ebay before, i am kinda curious about this whole endeavor....

laia. said...

I took a bunch of clothes and some random shoes to Beacons cause I just wanted to get rid of them for whatever they gave me. For the stuff that has more value I figured I'd sell it on ebay. I'm sure I would've made more money if I had listed some of it, but Beacons is a lot less of a hassle than listing something, waiting with breath that is bated to see if someone buys is and then going to the post office.
man, monies. it sucks.