If I don't, then who will?

Dear Saks Fifth Avenue:
Let's sit down and chat for a second, I'm just a little concerned and I want to make sure that you are doing ok. What's going on with this advertising campaign? Did you spend so much money paying W for the thicker paper stock that there wasn't any money left over for the actual execution? First of all, WHO ARE THESE MODELS? I mean, I don't need to see another 12 pages filled with Lily Donaldson, Stam and Trentini all looking like the children of the corn or whatever, but wowee zowee, pick another agency man, Barbizon is just not working out (and yes, I saw Chanel Iman and Du Juan in some of the pictures but not even their "starpower" was enough to redeem you). And their poses are downright ridiculous. Secondly, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE LIGHTING? Were you lighting the studio with the glare from your Mac? It is terrible. I think I can get better lighting in my living room with my crappy camera set with a timer. This all SCREAMS "Final Project for Photography 101" and it's just killing me. Seriously, the clothes look really, really cheap. Have you guys seen the kind of ad campaigns that everyone else is putting out? Because they are pretty awesome, and they are fancy and they make me want to buy clothes not spew all over the place. Just because you added some random typography at an angle means that you have a quality product. Really. It's just offensive.

And speaking of offensive, WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS??? Did you really just put a bunch of shoes and clothes and bags in the shape of letters? Actually, no, this makes perfect sense, now I know that you clearly outsourced the design of your campaign to some freshman graphic design students who are discovering the magic of Photoshop for the first time. I appreciate you trying to encourage young designers and all, but perhaps you'd like to think about how this affects your brand next time mmkay? I tell you because I care.

Love always,

PS. The Marc Jacobs' model's foot is really freaking me out. Where did her toes go? Next time, take a hint from Style.com, who refused to include any detail shots of the socks and flat sandal malarky.


sleepyhead said...

the poses are very america's next top model, blech.

erikka said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel ;)

Don't hold back!

laia. said...

hahaha erikka. don't GET me started... don't EVEN get me started...

Luce said...

hahaha oh my, that is so true, about the crap design of that "want it" thing. fuck thats ugly. especially because marjan bantjes has done such a kick-ass job of that campaign in the past.