Inside Inspiration

I'm sure by now you've all checked out The Selby, which features photographs of awesome apartments and interiors taken by Todd Selby. I've been spending a lot of time in there, mostly because I love seeing the way people live, especially in small NYC spaces, but also because I'm currently trying to decorate my own place, when I came across this awesome picture of William Eadon's abode. I don't know if he always has the skull suits out as part of his decoration, or if this was a picture to showcase his collection of skull suits, but I really loved it nonetheless, as It reminded me of Joseph Beuys' Felt Suit. It seems like a really neat way to display cool garments that you might have and never get to wear and I'm really into this idea (I have a lot of empty wall space!), plus I like the sort of historic association with Beuys' piece that it brings to an environment. I think next time I'll go thrifting I'll be on the lookout for a cool men's suit to hang on my wall. Yay cool apartments!

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