Invading your interwebz

Let's just go ahead and declare today "Awesome house stuff day". If you got some free time, I suggest you mosey on over to the 20x200 blog for an interview with yours truly. Don't know what 20x200 is? Well, it's a website started by super rad gallerist Jen Bekman, where you can get INSANELY cool prints for a low low low price. She picks the awesomest artists and produces prints in three sizes, a run of 200 8.5 x 11" for $20, a run of 20 17 x 22" for $200 and for the big spender,a run of 2 30 x 40" for $2,000. I HIGHLY encourage you to go over there and browse as I am sure you will find something you love. As soon as I get paid this week I am buying another print. It's addictive, for sure, but it's the kind of addiction that is healthy for everyone (unlike say... cigarettes or expensive shoes). So yaaay art!

Here's a couple of my favorite prints (but not the one I want to buy because I don't want it to sell out!)

ny.07.#34 by Jennifer Sanchez. I adore her work. Unfortunately for me, every.single.time. one of her prints goes up on the site I am super broke, and she sells out IN MINUTES so I am left sad and alone. And yes, I know that this would look INSANE in the huge size, but as of now, I don't have an extra two grand lying around :(. It's ok though, I know my time will come.

Unleaded, Unleaded, Premium Unleaded by Eric Graham. I love this print and I waited too long to buy it and now the small size is sold out. Will I finally break down and buy the medium size? Only time will tell!!!

White Ice by Tema Stauffer. This is so insanely beautiful. It looks like fake clouds or cotton candy but it's ice. The contrast of the ice and the blue is enough to melt anyone (haha I'm so punny!).


Enfievre said...

my purse does not need this post.

KATLIN said...

Oooh more stuff to hang on my wall!!!!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, must go look at.