Je mange mon coeur

The sexiest "undressed" outfit I've ever seen in my life. God, I wish I had the guts to go out like this because I imagine that if I was finagling around in my closet and ended up wearing this I'd be like "hah, man this would look cool in a magazine" and then I would put on some kind of PANTS on because who leaves their house in an oversized man shirt?
Also? Elbow length leather gloves + no pants = GENIUS.

I am eating my heart out.
ps. my French sucks.

Photo by Garance Dore.


editor said...

aaaaaaaactually, aside from the gloves (and this particular bag), i have this outfit more or less in my fall lineup.
note to self: get great gloves.

Jenn said...

I agree - if I wore this, I'd look like I forgot my pants or something. But she looks fantastic! The hat (love this hat, by the way), belt, gloves and bag make this a real outfit and not just someone who walked out of her house in her boyfriend's shirts. It's great!

cake. said...

on first glance you're like "oh that's a nice casual outfit" and then BAM the long gloves / no pants combo hits you and you're left breathless!

angiesyounglover said...

hell yeah this outfit is totally bad ass. like, i'm not wearing pants, but i'm classy enough to elbow length gloves, so, got summin else to say? yeah, you don't. peace!

sleepyhead said...

um we are all missing the bigger picture - her hair! goddamn these girls who get away with bedhead while i cry myself to sleep at night because my hair won't hold a wave.

laia. said...

sleepyhead: i'd rather ignore hair situations as the only time I am happy with my hair is during the winter.

Some Notes on Napkins said...

gorgeous header! Um yea so anytime i wear a shirt dress i seriously look naked. i think you have to be certain height to pull this off.. as my boss once said Did you forget your pant?