Juergen for everyone

“I’m interested in what attracts somebody to a product,” says Teller. “Sometimes it’s not necessarily the product itself. It’s similar to when you go to the cinema and you watch a movie and you’re like, Oh my God. I want to feel something like that. That’s what I have as a double-page spread in a magazine. It’s not I want to be that. It’s I want to feel that.

Wicked good article about Juergen Teller in this week's issue of New York Mag. Make sure not to miss it! (Also, how on earth did I not know he was married to Venetia Scott? Sometimes I disappoint myself).

Also, how amazingly, insanely cool does Kristen McMenamy look in that photograph? I love her so. I think this is one of my absolute favorite pictures of the both of them.


Anonymous said...

Kristen McMenamy!

She was one of my favorites, way back in my Vogue-reading days.

laia. said...

I love her and anytime she makes a cameo these days makes my heart sing.