Legs legs legs

I've had this image from (the now defunct?) Streetfancy saved on my computer for a while because I think it's amazing the way this girl managed to turn her shiny rust-colored leggings into a neutral piece. I mean, her whole entire color palette is so perfect (we are disregarding the hat in this case), and I think come fall, I really want to try to pull this off.
Further making this photo awesome, is her friend in her super cool navy thigh highs. I love how socks can just spice up and otherwise normal look. I've been wearing a lot of knee highs lately and they always make me feel fancy super quickly. I definitely need to get a navy pair.


The Domina said...

I'm always intrigued by knee-high and thigh-high knit socks but I never know how to keep them up without having them roll down and make me look like a 90 yr old who forgot her garters...any suggestions?

laia. said...

Hmm... all the knee highs and thigh highs that I've bought have had a really good grip and don't roll down for the most part.

the ones from American Apparel are tight even on my scrawny little legs, have you tried those?