And now a list of the accessories I will try to (mostly unsuccesfully) finagle into my closet this season.

Miu Miu Initial Pins
Chance of getting them: 95%
Ok, I know this is totally corny, but I love them and I may have already ordered them. I always thought Laverne was so cool with her monogrammed L and now I can do the same with EVERYTHING I wear!

Marc Jacobs American Revolution Hat by Stephen Jones
Chance of getting it: 60%
I know you all think this is a crazy hat and it is, but I tried on the purple version at the store over the weekend and I LOVE IT. The plan is obviously to wait until the insane 70-80% sale at the end of the season as I am certain no one is going gaga over this insane hat. I love hats.

Chanel 1/2 Lace 1/2 Black tights
Chance of getting them: slim to none
Number of waiting lists I am on for them: 4
But aren't they so wonderful?


Danz said...

I love pins so I think those initial ones are very cool!

Richel said...

the chanel tights are so trippy, but oh so amazing.


The tights are awesome! I need them :-)


Anonymous said...

have you considered initial earring studs? I have some from good ole Urban Outfitters, and they're subtle but I've fetched quite a few compliments with them!

elizabeth said...

um YEASH the initial pins are a MUSSTTTT