On M/M (Paris)

Since I referenced them in an earlier post, I decided I should write a proper post about them so that everyone can get to know the amazingess of M/M (Paris).

M/M (Paris) is a (mostly) graphic design studio headed by Mathias Agustyniak and Michael Amzalag. I discovered them my junior year of college while doing research for my publication design glass and it automatically became a sort of obsession. They work a lot in fashion so I was already familiar with a lot of their work (and some of it may have been hanging up on my dorm walls), so it was really fantastic to find out the people who were responsible for it. I loved them even more because they were frequent collaborators with people/publications that I greatly admire like Inez and Vinoodh (my favorite photographers), V Magazine, Vogue Paris and Bjork. I love them because they always bring an organic feeling and a sense of controlled chaos to their work that makes you look deeper and feel something (it sounds cheesy but trust me on this one).

The Alphabet: This "cutout" alphabet featuring models was created in collaboration with Inez and Vinoodh for V magazine. They later did a version with male models for the inaugural issue of VMan.

Michael and Mathias often work with magazines, they were responsible for Vogue Paris' redesign a couple of years back (including their crazy quasi-western fluorish-y typeface) and are also part of the creative team at Purple. They have most recently taken over the creative direction at Arena Homme +.

Their advertisement work is always incredible. I remember being completely transfixed by the Balenciaga ads when they came out (yes these were the ones up on my walls at the dorm), especially the one featuring Delfine Bafort and that beautiful pencil drawing that melds completely into the photograph.

Bjork is awesome. Attempting to explain her is not (ha!).
one: Cover for Vespertine
two and three: Images from Bjork as a book.

Obviously this tiny little post is by no means definitive or all-encompassing and it was super hard to even narrow down the things I wanted to post here. But there you go. My heart belongs to these people.


susie_bubble said...

M/M's work is very broad isn't it.... love what they did for Obrist's formulas book....

Luce said...

i fucking love m/m. they are my favourite design studio! the vespertine album cover is my fav.

elizabeth said...

they are fucking genius. they are.

KATLIN said...

I've always liked that Balenciaga ad with Christy Turlington and it's cool to know who put it together, and to see it against their other work!

michael said...

thanks for the nice things being said here.