Public transportation is for jerks and lesbians*

... who wear YSL.

Spotted at the 14th st F station. Weirdness, right? If I could I would've stolen it and stuck it on my wall. Naomi looks about ten times awesomer when she's larger than life.

*It's from the Simpsons


angiesyounglover said...

you know, everytime i see these on the 6 line, i think of you! but there are a few that i've seen with her eyes colored out :(
three cheers for maturity!

Anonymous said...

i've never been a naomi fan. but, she keeps coming out with these wonderful advertisements and she is sucking me over the dark side. stop it naomi! don't look fabulous! =/

elizabeth said...

i love these ads. i fucking LOVE THEM. they are SO SO SO GOOD. i seriously wanted to rip it down too