Schmolce & Blabbana

This past Spring, I fell in love with the snakeskin print peeptoe booties from Dolce & Gabbana. I'm not really a big fan of animal skin, but the heel was just so cool, and I thought they looked just the right amount of excessy-rock n' roll-via-Dolce & Gabbana's-vision (does that make sense?). I tried to scope them out during the recent sales but no pairs turned up in my size, which is why I was so thrilled to see this when I randomly logged on the Forever 21 website last night.

Ummm whaaattt? I LOVE THEM!!! They got the heel just right too! AND they are only $27.80!!! Can you believe it? These SO need to be mine! So thanks Forever 21, your in-store customer service sucks, but let's hope my online adventures turn out better.


angiesyounglover said...

thanks forever 21 for your blatant copying of designers (so blatant that you get lawsuits regularly)and for not having my size in that devastatingly beautiful bold blue blazer (at least not on the rack where it should be, but i didn't check on the floor over by the belts, because, you know, it could be over there because that's how messy your store is!), and for refusing to interview me that time i needed a job just because my social security card was in JERSEY, one friggin state away.

whatever, i don't hate them that much that i don't shop there. but oo, i can go on rants about f21. i do love the heels though!

Enfievre said...

never bought forevs shoes. do they fall apart after one wear? if not, im totally getting these and the fauxnels.

Anonymous said...

oh dear. although i shouldn't, i do love blatant rip offs because they're all i can really afford right now. i'll probably feel differnetly when i'm older and can afford the pricier items. but, those are spot on! i've never seen such an obvious rip off. well, actually the nine west ones were awesome too. haha.

sleepyhead said...

UGH OK. i know i've blogged about how much i hate forevs, but i'm not gonna lie. i still get stuff there. and i did have my eye on these babies too. damnit! i'm the biggest hypocrite ever!

ps, their heels are actually quite comfortable. i have a few, but i never get to wearing them as much as i could. so far, they have held up.

elizabeth said...

i saw these. they are so worth the inevitable horrible wait and jesus freak plastic bag.

i wonder if they have them at union square? mabes soho..