Si Bazaar!

Arlenis gets her first full-fledged editorial in the September issue of Bazaar. She looks so beautiful and I cannot WAIT to see her on the runway this season!

Photos via The Fashion Spot.


angiesyounglover said...

in the 3rd picture, what is that necklace made out of? it looks incredible. and all those blueeeees. i swoon. tangled up in blue!

editor said...

whoa, at first i totally though this was a shoot from the 80s!!!!

laia. said...

ayl: the magazine doesnt say what they are made of but they do tell me that they are available at saks from $1325-$2215. I am guessing they are made from children's tears.

editor: hahaha I think Bazaar decided that everything was super 80's this season so they did a couple editorials in 80s fashion. I mean, they had Tyra on the cover, they might as well go all the way, right?

phishcake5 said...

Though I don't agree with the blouse, that jacket with the purple baggies in the 1st photograph make me fly. High.