Flower Docs


Via The Cherry Blossom Girl.


Enfievre said...

i have had these shoes for, no joke, 13 years. they have only been worn about a dozen times and i still try so hard but can never figure out how to wear them. definitely going to be my challenge for fall.

laia. said...

DUUUUDES, are you kidding me??? I LOVE them and have been obsessed with them for probably 13 years hahaha ok, maybe 12 but now I don't think I can pull them off anymore.

this is insanity.

Jen said...

Laia, if I can pull off bright teal Docs, you can pull of these. I'm pretty sure that you can pull off ANYTHING, actually.

laia. said...

See Jen, the thing is that I don't look like an adult at all so I tend to avoid things that will uhh stunt my growth so to speak. I dunno, i feel like flower docs would make it painfully obvious that I am 11 years old or something. And everytime I went out people would ask me where my mommy is.