Guess who

What did YOU do this weekend?

I found black lipstick at Rite Aid for 1.99 and figured I'd give this a try (hey, I've spent like 5 days indoors dying from the worst flu ever in the history of the world, I gotta amuse myself somehow...). A lil' lipstick and an old Beatles wig et voila, just like Pilati intended.

Unless someone wants to give me a pair of those crazy croc-stamped YSL booties and invite me to a fashion-y Halloween party where I can dress up as a Pilati zombie, this is the beginning and the end of this look for me. :(


white lightning said...


go out
just once
like this

its kind of amazing on you..i mean, seriously.

awesome andrea said...

i think you can pull it off.

i was about to quote Braveheart for this comment, but i'm not. i'm too sick right now to make sure its funny and not something that you read with a slight smile that slowly fades as you ask yourself the question, "wait..what the fuck was she talking about?"

it would of been funny though.

Becky said...

the flu is the worst. i had it last year and couldn't move for three days...i mean, i never thought the flu did that to you. I like this look on you, laia.

Arabelle said...


harryshouldnotblog said...

my hero.

stef said...

my first response was:

laia is being a misshape for halloween?

then i remembered the models a few posts ago. <3

laia. said...

stef: that's so funny that you say that because 2 years ago when my friend tried to drag me to misshapes on halloween i was going to wear this wig and go as the one dude. HA

editor said...

i love it.

Some Notes on Napkins said...

omg i think its fabulous! perfect for halloween1!!!

susie_bubble said...

No..go out like that...it works!