I'm counting on you!

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Please don't fail me this time, Target! I love Jonathan and god knows his stuff is supremely out of my monetary reach. I seriously need all of these pieces in my closet.

#1 Printed jacket of awesomeness : Ok, honestly, even if the fabric seems a bit crappy, this is a must have. The print is just too cool.
#2 I can't tell what is going on here, I am assuming it's 2 dresses? Whatever, they look cool.
#3 Ombre dress: I'm not counting that this one will work in real life, as the fabric already seems a little flimsy, but it could surprise me!
#4 Body-con color-block dress: Wild horses couldn't keep me away from this one.

Can all this awesome stuff please stop coming out? I can't shop anymore!

Images via Nylon.


Anonymous said...

isn't it bad when it's all so good?!

susie_bubble said...

I want it all.... I'm embarking on my first Target Go International accumulating project....wish me luck...

angiesyounglover said...

#4 for sure. i wish lines worked for me. what are those shoes? they are great as well.