London Spring 09: Christopher Kane

The circle motif was present in almost every piece of the collection and although it looks a bit strange now, I'm sure I would just need a little time to get used to it. The combination of colors here is really cool.

This is like a mariachi suit with circles instead of fringe and silver embroidery, and I think that's just the cat's pajamas. He's really taking things and changing them up and really making you think about them. This suit manages to be quirky, tough, feminine and straight-up weird all at the same time. I kind of really want scallop-edged pants.


The thing I like about Christopher Kane is that even when he switches his inspiration and his look from season to season, his point of view remains the same. This piece for example, seems like an obvious continuation from his explorations from last season. It's the kind of stuff Erin Fetherston wishes she could pull off. It's just oddly beautiful.


Jenn Deering Davis said...

Wow, that angry monkey shirt is awesome! It's so fierce and scary. I would definitely wear that.

editor said...

i am never ever ever one for graphic tees, but that gorilla face, and the placement of it, it's too perfect. i'd wear that in a heartbeat. i'd love it with a loooong black skirt from the laia-for-aa-collection.