London Spring 09 I

1. Charles Anastase:
The entire look of the girls was really cool, awesome freewheelin' long hair, nerd glasses and weirdo stripper-shoes that for some reason don't look like stripper-shoes and just look really cool (I'm guessing it's the brown). Put a white satin jumpsuit with it and it will look even better by default.

2. Graeme Black:

I love this dresses because they manage to be both classically feminine and future cyborg. I really can't explain it beyond that.

3. Peter Jensen:
SO AWESOME. The toile-de-jouy print on matching dress and shoes is just so extravagant and luxurious in weird way, you know what I mean? I love this. I want to wear this everyday.

This suit has really strange proportions; the shoulders seem a little wider (but not enough to be noticeably wider), cropped sleeves that end in no man's land between wrist and elbow, and, extra baggy quasi-tapered pants. Somehow all of these manage to look really good together.

4. Topshop Unique:
This look remind me of Melanie Griffith in her awesome movie, Working Girl with Sigourney Weaver and Harrison Ford. This collection was allegedly inspired by Bananarama, but I think only a Bananarama with an office job would've worn this. That being said, I would wear it too.

Previously, the possibilities that I would be caught rocking acid-washed denim would've been slim-to-none. After seeing this look, this totally changed. That longer-tuxedo jacket is AMAZING! And yes, I also like the rolled hem acid-wash jeans. I don't even know myself anymore.


Jessica said...

Great choices !
We have similar tastes :)
We should link.
btw your blog baner is awesome :)

Enfievre said...

im. not. ready. for. another. fashion. week.

La Madre q T Pario said...

The 80's are dead!

Long live the 80's!