London Spring 09 III

1. Louise Goldin:
I love Louise Goldin. It's true. Her pieces are always so weird and feminine and experimental and they make me weak at the knees. I love the sterilized sex appeal of this look of the deconstructed bustier combined with the soft layers. The shoes are killer too.

Wow. Seriously. How can I adapt this to my real life needs? What's that? I can't? Alright then, screw real life.

It's so much! But it works. It's delicate and futuristic and could also belong to a warrior. I really want some of those sheer underlayers, I want to wear them with everything.

2. Giles:
One day I want to have a pair of silver leather pants and be Billy Corgan. Combining them with a plain ole' plaid shirt seems like the perfect way to take these into reality. And feathers never hurt anyone as far as I'm concerned.

The close up cheese grater dress! OMG GILES! I need this dress in my life so so so bad.

Awesome, awesome print on this little dress. The helmets are supposed to be Pac Man, but I thought it was a helmet for space.

3. Eley Kishimoto:

Why am I attracted to this monochromatic-print-looks? Because they look cool and fun and I want to be cool and fun. I don't know that I would wear these necessarily, but I think they're aces.

4. Aquascutum:
Ah, waterballs (seriously that joke will never get old as I am secretly a 12 year old boy). You all know that I love the sheer business; and the idea of layering it over what is surely a decadent fabric is just fabulous. I'm hoping that the underdress is made of some heavy brocade or burnt-out velvet or something. If it's just a printed cotton then I'm not sure I like this anymore. (I know! I'm so tough!)

5. Emma Cook:
Prada ripoff shoes not withstanding, this was a lovely collection. I love the sheer simple dress worn with a clear trench. I've always wanted one like this.

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