London Spring 09 IV

Holy crap you guys! London is KILLING it this season!

1. Armand Basi One:
This collection reminded me a bit of the current Prada collection, not because actual pieces were being ripped off or anything, but because they both seemed to be investigating this sort of "quasi-sexy while actually being covered up" malarky, albeit in different ways. Prada did the bulk of her explorations in lace, and Markus Lupfer (who I totally didn't even know was doing this line! where have I been?) did his with sheer fabrics. The key element in this dress is the "shadows" and negative space that the overlaying fabric is creating on her figure. It really invites you to take a closer look (and not because you are trying to see her underwear!).

This cardigan might be one of my most favorite pieces ever. It's striped and sheer. So insanely cool.

I am so into this look it's not even funny. It's alluring and mysterious and sexy and I think all of this is achieved through the simple use of beige. All the other accessories perfectly come together to complement this feeling, the necklace is bold but somewhat minimal, the shoes have the right tone of bright yellow and wood in them and even the model's hair is the perfect color and cut. Truly a coup of awesomeness.

2. House of Holland:
I have a feeling that I would really hate that jacket in real life, but in this picture, I am loving the floral print on both pieces.

3. Nathan Jenden:
It's like the Metropolis robot suit!

These pieces do not go together at all but man alive! they look soo good! I can't even come up with an exact reasoning on why it looks good. The pieces feel like they aren't even from the same time period. Maybe that's the deal? You mismatch so much that they end up matching by default? Whatever, it's great.

4. Richard Nicoll:

Richard, I loved your collection. The colors were magnificent, the silhouettes clean and simple. But maybe next time you don't want to risk receiving angry letters from Raf Simons. All I kept thinking while looking through the pictures was JIL SANDER JIL SANDER JIL SANDER, which was weird because apparently the inspiration was old school Helmut Lang. Kids these days...

5. Amanda Wakeley:

Ok, so Amanda Wakeley's collection feels a little Debbie Downer after all the crazy magical colors and fabrics and whatnot, but you know, some people need regular clothes and these were pretty great. They remind me of some communist country that enforces uniforms on its people but has a great fashion sense. Make what you will of that.

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