London Spring 09: Luella

Luella's spring show was an explosion of all her best traits and my favorite things. Flowers, ruffles, volume, pearls, lace, bows, mismatched geek chic. She's been on an absolute roll these past three seasons and while I may prefer to dress entirely in her spring 08 collection, this new one really reaches out into new territory for the designer. Some of the dresses are very Comme Des Garcons, and I really love that she's being more experimental and crazy. It's ladylike dressing gone MAD MAD MAD.

I love you Luella!


editor said...

the second and the last one. i love those two.

sigourneyfever said...

The second one is madness! It's like a cake-librarian-Pee Wee's Playhouse hybrid. Rad.

Enfievre said...

dear luella,

why you gotta do me so good?