London Spring 09 V

1. Sinha-Stanic:

"Against an LED screen playing footage of Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth, the mannequins marched in those teddy-tough shapes printed with intimations of catastrophe: lava bursts, palm trees against a blazing sky, cosmic explosions" - Tim Blanks, Style.com

I usually don't read the Style.com collection reviews because I want to be able to look at the pictures without any preconceived notions. Sometimes after I'm done looking at the pictures I go back to see if they agreed with what I thought (when I think the show is really gross, for example), or to see if maybe the provide clues as to what a fabric or a print is. I'm really glad I went back and read the Sinha-Stanic review so that I could find out about them using live footage of Sonic Youth and Smashing Pumpkins in their show. Had I been there, they would've SO had me at hello.

The prints at this show were amazing; there were bold explosions that reminded me of the formation of the universe and earth. They were smart to leave the silhouettes simple so as to not overpower the lucky women who get to wear this pieces. And then if you take these amazing pieces and put them together with the wicked sounds of SP and SY, I can only imagine that this show was insanely awesome and I wish I was there.

2. Meadham Kirchhoff:

This collection was pretty awesome and weird. It was disheveled and torn apart and put back together and there was lace and denim and fabrics morphed into each other. A little goth, a little Americana and a bit of rock n' roll. I really really love that second outfit and don't even mind the kneepads. Ha!

3. Fashion Fringe - Sarah Easom:

Fashion Fringe is a fashion competition they do in London to find and sponsor new talent. This season there were 4 contestants all with very different points of view. Sarah Easom was inspired by exotic birds and showed pieces with incredibly exuberant prints. She didn't win the competition but I hope that this doesn't stop her. She was the best in my book.

5. Danielle Scutt:

Beautiful, feminine and slightly subversive pieces from Danielle Scutt. I think at this point she is just on a path up up up and I cannot wait to see what she does next.

I am seriously in love with the London fashion scene.

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