Milan Spring 09: Dolce & Gabbana

Oh.my.god. This collection was so amazing! I am not really a fan of the classic Dolce & Gabbana style, but when they do collections outside their comfort zones, I go gaga all over it. It's Modern Elizabethan on a lazy Sunday. The pajama look that's been hinted at in other runways, came out in full force here combined with beautifully luxurious need-to-be-seen brocades and fabrics. I felt like in some ways, the collection was telling a story about this mysterious woman and her worldly adventures. It's serious and dramatic and decadent.

Look at that jacket with the faceted sleeves! Isn't it just wonderful? Doesn't it carry you away to another time? The combination with the classic silk pajama ensemble is the perfect mismatch for it. It's very rich and sophisticated in a sort of old-fashioned way. The big brooches are the perfect decadent detail.

Love the mix of fabrics here! They're all very sumptuous, but are paired together in an almost comical way that gives the pieces an everyday ease (as opposed to looking costume-y). I am really into these Mickey Mouse ear sleeves too.

Angel Dress.

Devil Dress.
(I like this one better. The way the light reflects on it is just amazing.)

They took my most favorite "casual-everyday-shirt with super-fancy-skirt" trend that's been all over the runways and upped the ante by pairing a Pajama top with an insanely ornate skirt. Don't you love it? She can't even be bothered to change out of her sleeping-wear! Fantastic!

So the dog and the dog carrier are lame BUT this is a cute romper.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Colorblocking brocade awesomeness! Perfect circle sleeves in contrasting colors are IT.

No, no, I lied. These crazy sleeves are IT. This jacket is PERFECTION! Ugh, it's so weird and that fabric is so very upholstery, but you can't get more LUXURIOUS than this. You could wear this with a trashbag as a skirt and you would STILL be the chicest woman ever in the history of the entire universe. I cannot wait to see this fabrics translated to the every-day stores. Woo!

The shoes, however, I did not like. Not one bit.


white lightning said...

i love how CIRCLES was the big TREND. there is some sort of hilarious skit to be made out of this where EVERY IDEA is so done to death that its like, OH MY GOD< DAHHHLING, CIRCLES are teh MUST HAVE for SPRING! a CIRCLE!

laia. said...

I'll get Sesame Street on the phone right away!