Milan Spring 09 I

1. Gianfranco Ferre:
This was the debut collection from Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimond, formerly under 6267 and now under their own names, for the Gianfranco Ferre label. I thought it was pretty good, with a lot of beautiful architectural details and exquisite construction. I thought this coat-dress was absolutely flawless.

I loved the combination of color in this one. The ruffles manage to be both soft and solid.

2. Alberta Ferreti:
This sweater is AWESOME! But you guys? Let's not do this bare midriff thing ok? Does this mean I'm getting old and crotchety? Dear God, but seriously. Sweater: yay. Midriff: nay.

3. Burberry Prorsum:
Burberry lost it. The super fierce woman that has walked the runways the past couple of seasons suddenly disappeared and made way for some chick that listens to Rilo Kiley. I still love the easy-going vintage vibe of this look, but it's just SO out of character!

4. Francesco Scognamiglio:
Totally rad. It reminds me of Proenza Schouler's fall show, so it makes sense that I like it. I'm in love with sheer (and these are plastic!).

I know, I know, but the cut is just so good!

The combination of colors and materials here is super rad. Plus, OMG it's Hannelore!

5. Missoni:
The Missoni show didn't blow me over at all, still I found some nice things. This look, for example, is incredibly chic and opulent. I think I want it to be a jumpsuit (I think that's what it is?) because that would be too much.

It's a little schoolgirl without being Britney Spears-y. Super cool.

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ellastica said...

remember when saran wrap/rubber clothes were in fashion?
it looked so bad-ass but incredibly humid and yucky to execute.
altho i must say those shoes are to die for!