Milan Spring 09: Prada

B U M M E R !

Ugh, you guys, I am not really feeling the spring Prada at all. It seems so... ordinary? Some of the clothes are pretty, and I did pick out some looks that I like and they are perfectly fine and all but yawn! These looks feel like they belong on a Blumarine or Alberta Ferreti runway more than Prada. Dress #3 is my favorite because the print reminds me of pixels and legos. The snakeskin print is cool too, but it's been done before so it's all like, whatever, you know? Which is fine because the last three collections she's done have been absolutely amazing so she's allowed to have an off season, but that doesn't mend my broken heart, does it?

The shoes, however, were totally awesome. I'm not into the not-socks with the ribbons in the back, but I dig the concept. Killer.


. said...

Me encanto tu blog.
Love it ¡

Enfievre said...

sasha + black dress = love