New Classic

As soon as I saw this Katherine Fleming bag I fell in love with it. It has the makings of being a true classic down the line. The shape evokes the classic Chanel quilted bag, but everything else is truly its own. The textures, materials and design are just insanely cool. Even the chain is the same color blue as the bag! If I had my way, this would become my signature bag. I've never had such a visceral reaction to a bag (y'all know I'm a shoe-whore not a bag-lady), but this one means true love.


Enfievre said...

check out my new bag, im still spazzing about it!

white lightning said...

i know kate. she RULES. i am trying to te myslef one of these bags wholesale steez. STAY TUNED.

thyy carry them at opening ceremony!!!!! rhianna bought one, obvs i think it was this electric blue thang.


laia. said...

how am i not surprised that you know this lady? you so have a hold down of all the awesome people in the city!