Currently on sale at Urban Outfitters.

UGH. Why don't you just jam a fork in my eye and twist it around and then stick the other end of the fork in an electric socket? This is not cool. This is not right. I will freak out at the first dumb kid I see wearing this shirt. I will only wish terrible things upon you if you turn my beloved SY into fucking Blondie.

Kim, Thurston, Lee (really Lee? I WOULD EXPECT BETTER FROM YOU!) and Steve I am insanely disappointed that you allowed such malarky.

I guess this is growing up.


Luce said...

oh. god. WHYYYYYY..

it should be a rule that you can only get band t-shirts if you actually GO to the bands show. or if you luck out and get one from a thrift store. not from a chain store. gah.

thanks for the comment, btw. You should definately put some of your work up, i would love to see it!

Enfievre said...

not gun lie, this makes my blood boil.

white lightning said...

ugh well it was the beginning of the end when they were selling them at marc by marc last season, i mean, its JUST AS BAD. so fucking gross.

the new che!

sigourneyfever said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They are coming for our youth! 14 year olds who listen to Metro Station and Miley Cyrus will be rocking this shit! NOOOO!!!!