NYC Spring 09: 3.1 Phillip Lim

First things first:
(Click to enlarge)
Holy-fucking-shit! WHAT IS GOING ON??? I NEED these. I'm not even joking. I am officially starting a savings account for these Lim-Loubs. I always knew my first pair of those red soles would be special, and now I am certain that it will be. Can you believe these robotic-flower-masterpieces? They also come in snakeskin and in a flat form, but these metallic beauties have my name written all over them.

Ok, now here are the clothes...
Lately I've really been feeling the the classic American sportswear look (I blame the khakis and that picture of JFK), so I'm really looking to mmmmaybe acquire a classic trenchcoat. Although I will probably end up buying the one that's at Gap this season (and not because Cecilia is wearing it, I swear!), I loved the slouchy feel of this one and the contrasting black buttons. And here you see the insanely awesome shoes. And now you understand why I so desperately need them.

This look feels like 100% Lim. The quasi-tuxedo jacket with ruffles at the bottom is very inventive and I think it's also the perfect shade of baby blue. I actually like that he paired it with a ruffled skirt and the sheer layer under it is divine. Bruna looks confident and quirky and insanely cute. I can't imagine what girl wouldn't want to look like this.

I really really really like this belt. Really.

You know what these are right? Zippers. ZIP-PERS. I am SO into these looks, you don't even know. To take such an industrial item and turn it into a sublime, almost-organic detail is just totally genius. And the movement! OH, the movement. It reminds me of undersea plants slowly moving back and forth with the underwater tides.


angiesyounglover said...

mmm, those shoes are so decadent. i hope you get them!

white lightning said...

the shoies are serouisly best-of-season so far.

there is also a belt situaion that i am going to post about that i am IN LOVE WITH.

wait i jsut saw you posted it too.


MsDirector said...

Oh my God. Can we be shoe twins again???

I don't think I've ever liked anything made of snakeskin before, but those black and white shoes are just beautiful flowery heels made of crossword puzzles and awesomeness, and I. Must. Have. Them.

nadarine said...

Waaaaait a moment, Mr. Lim. Back it up.



I love Lim, but man, this looks like a murky "inspiration vs ripoff" issue.

laia. said...

good eye nadarine! but i really dont think its a ripoff thing! sometimes the energy in the universe comes together and then stuff like that comes out.