NYC Spring 09 I

1. Rachel Roy:
Rachel Roy, you are now officially on my cool people list. At first I was a little skeptical; I thought "Great! ANOTHER socialite that thinks she can be a designer", but you know what? She totally did it the right way, she started quietly and did beautiful pieces and she won me over. Rachel has a very distinct feminine mix n' match aesthetic that I've noticed in the clothes that she wears and it has definitely spilled over into her designs. The mix of fabrics in this dress are really great and it gives a slight edge to an otherwise 80's Barbie silhouette.

There were a couple of pajama-inspired looks in her collection, but I liked this one the best because I thought the proportions made it really special. The slouchy jacket and matching shorts are relaxed and effortless, although I would've put different shoes on this model as I think they're taking away from the magic that's going on upstairs.

What in the world is even going on here? See, this is a perfect example of why I love Roy. That lace shirt seems very incongruous with the large floral and tweed trimmed tulip skirt, yet, it works. It's kooky, it's weird and somehow it works.

These were my favorite shoes from the collection. Killer!!!

2. Elie Tahari:
You guys know I am a sucker for old-timey bikini bottoms worn as pants. One day I will figure out a place to wear this and I will be happy as a clam. The jacket is pretty much perfect.

3. Trovata:

Long, sheer, diaphanous shirt dress. I'm sold.


erikka said...

the RR shoes feel a bit S/S 2008...

laia. said...

yeah they reminded me a bit of the Chloe shoes... but not in ever color combo.

1234 said...

rachel roy is love. i thought of chloe too for those white and pink ones...

nadarine said...

Oh, lord, Trovata, why don't you just stomp on my heart while you're at it? Stop making beautiful perfect things I can not buy!

Which is to say: oh god that dress.