NYC Spring 09 III

1. ADAM:
"Pajama" dressing is going to be a big trend for spring (I can feel it!), and I really like Adam Lippes' take on it. The easy robe-jacket gives an air of relaxed sophistication when paired with bermuda shorts and strappy sandals.

2. Alexander Wang:
I'm going to be honest, there was A LOT of stuff in this show that I found questionable, but the stuff that I liked, I REALLY liked so I figured it evened out. It was a total hit or miss. I'm a total fan of outfits with secret Miami Vice vibes to it, so this pink jacket and orange sherbet shorts were right up my alley. Apparently basketball was one of the things Wang was thinking about when designing this collection, which is where that leather mesh-CROPPED top comes in, but I think it works really well here as it gives an edge to the suit.

So decadent!

This grey jersey dress is totally major except for one thing, I think I can see Arlenis' cooter. Add about 2 or 3 more inches of fabric and we are totally game (yeah I know that stuff changes when it hits the stores and that you make stuff more dramatic for the runway, but this case in particular does not seem like a "lets show Arlenis' underwear on purpose" moment).

3. Boy by Band of Outsiders:
I think Rizzo from Grease would be all up on this look. That and the fact that I think it's grey jersey means this is number one in my book. The shoes are really not good, but Rizz (that's what I call her, Rizz, we're close like that) would like them so I'll give them a pass.

YES denim suit! WOO WOO WOO. I am a sucker. I will never not like a denim suit. And a SHORT denim suit? Well now you're just tugging my heartstrings.
(Ok and even if this isn't denim and it's linen or something like that I would still love it. Because it's insanely cool. I mean, look at the cut of that jacket!)

4. Koi Suwannagate:
I'm still weirded out at the fact that I didn't know who Koi Suwannagate was until she was a finalist for the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Award thingamajig. Even if she was only known for her knits and cashmere back then I feel like I would've read about her before right? Anyways, this season she decided to expand her repertoire and boy oh boy is she awesome. Take this look for example, fluffy cloud-like cardigan, almost-fluffy simple top and insane geometric-pieced skirt in shades of mauve. It's just the right amounts of weird and girly, and although I don't do girly, I definitely would do this.

Love the colors. Love the print. Love the sleeve lining. Love the dress detail. Love.
(Do not love shoes).

I'm always a big fan of the diaphanous naked dress (I think Rodarte and McQueen have been previous designers to captivate my heart with their versions), and I love the sort-of easy going romantic-ness of this look.

5. United Bamboo:
In the end, spring is all about cute short dresses that you can throw on in the middle of July and still look cute even though its a bajillion degrees out and your hair is going in 10 different directions none of which are the ones you were planning on.
This is such a dress.

Oh yeah, and this one too. That bow is the right amount of awesome architectural and kitschy cute.

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