NYC Spring 09 IX

1. Brian Reyes:
This dress is so delicate that it feels almost pure and untouchable. It would be essential to wear it with a pair of ridiculously bright and/or insane shoes to contrast that feeling and not feel like you are dressed up as an angel for the school Christmas pageant.

2. Devi Kroell:

Sometimes you need very little to look insanely classy and modern. Devi Kroell zeroed in exactly on what that was for her first womenswear collection and it was truly, truly remarkable. Depending on who wears these clothes they can be edgy or classic, modern and timeless. I don't know that I can say enough good things about this collection, but I was really impressed. Can't wait to see what she does next.

3. Kai Kuhne:
Yeah, yeah, where do you wear a short suit? Who cares? It's insanely well cut and the fabric has a sheen to it that is just mahvelous. The more I look at that jacket the more I love it. And on another note, I'm really glad that Kai Kuhne dropped the "Myself" from his label name, it seemed sort of petty and stupid in relation to As Four, you know?

4. Doo.Ri:

When I think of Doo.Ri the first thing that comes to mind are incredibly beautiful feminine dresses with subtle details and secret sensuality. She never disappoints.

5. Malo:
Yeah. I like this. It's bananas (and sort of Prada), but whatevs. I stand by my crazy tastes.

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