NYC Spring 09: Marc Jacobs

I have been thinking about this show for the past two days and find myself at a loss for words. There were no immediate references, no "Aha!" moments during my scroll through the images on Style.com. I went through the images and the detail shots three times because I wanted to make sure I soaked everything in before I started picking the looks that would eventually make it here. How does he do it? This can't possibly be a situation of sitting down and sketching these glorious layered prototypes; and by god, what I wouldn't give to be able to see that process up close and personal (the Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton documentary offers an idea, but I'm not satisfied with that!).

So here's the first look on Jamie Bochert*, and while my initial thoughts are "early 20th century", I know that it's just not quite that. The mix of fabrics, textures and colors is absolutely insane and my brain kicks into overdrive. What's going on in the skirt? Is it layered? The plaid shirt isn't an obvious choice to go with it and somehow within the bigger scope it works. At this point there is a ridiculous smile on my face because I can only imagine what's coming next.

The pants are a no go but I am completely enthralled by that jacket. It feels military yet playful and again, it features beautiful mix of textures. The mustard yellow feels wrong. I want to hate it, but I can't. I want it.

The strong-shouldered jackets are by far the best pieces from the collection. This cropped one feels so right and would look incredible no matter what it's paired with. The overaccesorizing is tugging at my heartstrings.

Lara Stone is the ultimate femme-fatale. This green skirt is just perfect. It feels sort of retro but not so much that it verges on costume-y. Do you think that sweater has shoulder pads? Everyone has always railed against the shoulder pads, but if they'll make me look like this, I am SO on board.

The everyday shirt tucked into the fancy skirt makes an appearance again. The brocades that he used in this collection look so magnificent and over the top. It's over the top femininity and an an unabashed sense for dressing up and looking good.

Metallics, metallics, metallics. There was no fabric left unturned, no texture turned away at the door. The super cinched waists with what looks like extra pieces of fabric will be easily achievable in real life (and for a lesser price) and I love that he showed it over everything.

This is going to be everywhere. Yellow is all over the runways for spring and I have never seen a skirt shine so beautifully and look so womanly on an otherwise waif figure.

Easy, breezy, beautiful (not cover girl!). The espadrille boots are INSANE, but I still appreciate the desire to push things forward and rethink things in a different way.

I do wish I had occasions to wear beautiful patterned goddess dresses. This is perfect the way it is, hair sleeked back, a couple of bangles on the arm and you are good to go.

Yes, I am freaking out over the tiny hats, and you can bet on it that I will somehow finagle one of these into my position. (What, do I think that the death of Isabella Blow (RIP) left an opening in the cooky-millinery-department?) The bags echoed the same feeling of everything and the kitchen sink and I jut love their eccentricity.

As for the shoes, well, the heels look possibly discouraging, but everything else gets a resounding thumbs up from this department. I love the little "tongue" sticking out the backs of the sandals and although my time wearing espadrilles came and went somewhere in elementary school, this insane almost-ugly hybrids can surely rope me back in (heh heh, get it? rope me back in? I kill myself sometimes).

In the end, what could I say about this collection? Really, nothing. Marc finally figured out a way to shut me up and stop me from going hunting for references and influences like I've done in previous seasons. All I can do is marvel at the clothes and do the ole' Apple Jacks routine of "Why do you like it so much? We just do!". And it's true. I just do.

Also, because I am super awesome, I have gotten gynormous pictures of the looks so you can ogle at them in detail. It really is necessary. Just click click click and ogle ogle ogle.

* Who I always remember from an A&E documentary that she was in apparently titled "Models: The Real Skinny". I just googled it and apparently Karolina Kurkova and Liya Kebede are in it too? I had completely forgotten about that fact

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