NYC Spring 09: Preen

Oh Preen, how I love thee. Every season you do something that just completely blows me out of the water and makes me wish I was someone else (someone else with the monies and the appropriate job to wear Preen 24.7, obvz). First of all, let it be known that I hate lace-up shit anywhere other than shoes, so logically I should've thrown up all over my computer screen when looking at this collection. But no. No. I love it. I mean, I ESPECIALLY hate pants that lace up down the sides, yet, I find myself needing to take scissors to all my pants to achieve this nutty slutty pirate tapered goodness. I can't tell if the pants are denim or suede which is insane mostly because I can't make up my mind as to what I would want them to be more. The drape of the blouse is absolutely exquisite, and it's exactly what these pants need; something feminine and soft. But OMG you guys, those PANTS!

Continuing the lace-up theme, here we have an artfully laced dress that looks like it's uh... lace. Except you know it's not, but wowee zowee! So sexy! The skin-toned shoes perfectly compliment the implied simplicity of the dress (yes, I know the dress isn't simple per se, but there's something very airy and unassuming about it. I don't know, do you think I'm crazy?).

I feel my thoughts on this dress would best be expressed by lyrics from the song Floaty from the 1995 release of the Foo Fighters' self-titled debut album:
She floats
Floats away
On the ground she
Comes back down

That's not as big as what's flown around here

Where do I start with this? The zippers? The volume? The slight asymmetry? It's just perfect in every way. Do you think you can zip and unzip the sides as much as you want to control the side volume? Wouldn't that be the most insanely awesome thing ever? Once again, the shoes perfectly compliment the look, not too overbearing and just grounded enough.

Justin and Thea please adopt me into your life. I make killer french toast. Will work for clothes.


Enfievre said...

amazing show, the last two dresses really do it for me.

Amelia said...

I'm not really digging the lace-up and zipper trends. I think lace-up has always looked cheap (kind of stripper-y, I guess) and exposed zippers have looked cheap since they showed up in Wet Seal. However, I do really like the grey dress. And don't think that I don't love your amazing coverage of NY fashion week.

sleepyhead said...

i enjoyed the last dress as well. the collection didn't really do it for me this year, but i did enjoy the details that went into the collection.

also, so glad you commented on the shoes. the orange color is my favorite.