NYC Spring 09: Thakoon

Thakoon is my newest designer crush, it's been sort of brewing for a while, but after his show for fall I can safely declare it a full-fledged obsession. I am so thrilled to see that the obsession will continue this next spring. Thakoon was another designer that went a little more darker and sensual for spring, but unlike Proenza Schouler, he retained a little bit of sense of humor and "cheeky-ness".

Bondage says hello! It's almost like black gaffer tape and I just think it's insanely cool. Simple yet strong statement.

When it comes down to prints, Thakoon had it in the bag. This particular one features roses sprouting legs which I just think is hilarious and awesome. This blousy cardigan was recurring in the collection (and apparently I really liked it because most of the looks I picked feature it!). The mismatch of colors is cheeky, yet there's something somehow defiant in wearing all these crazy prints at the same time.

Purple is always good and the sheer black blouse with contrasting placket underneath is really giving this look a secret sexy oomph.

While I don't like these pants per se, I really really love the way you can see the bandaged legs underneath. I think I want sheer pants?!?

This print is my favorite print of maybe ever. They're EYELASHES! And even if you have to be crazy to wear this head to toe, then call me crazy. I might even be ok with the printed harem pants! His cool points are just off the charts!

I feel like this is a spiffier version of the naked dress. I love the way the bodice is constructed, especially the way the shoulders are draped with the two different fabrics. It's sexy because it lets everything hang just right underneath.

So decadent! Gold with seatbelts. Bet you Tom Ford wishes he would've thought of these during his days at Gucci.

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