NYC Spring 09: Tibi

So I actually went to the Tibi show last night, and let me tell you, it was so good! This was the first look that came out and I totally went OMFG! It's so David Bowie Young American and I just needed to have it. And yes, all the pants were crazy harem pants, and although these usually seem like a bad idea, I gotta tell you, they looked real good on the runway.

Speaking of Young American, I love that this look has a total American classic sportswear vibe to it but reinterpreted through a slightly Asian lens. The jacket is beautiful unconstructed linen that could easily become a summer staple for a certain person who is writing this sentence right now.

Although I hate hate hate hate mandarin collars, I was absolutely captivated by the beautiful print of this dress. The tulip-wrap skirt always looks so sexy!

They incorporated the harem-pants volume into dresses and skirts and this one was one of my favorite numbers. The contrast between the structured jacket and the white draped dress is beautiful and I am also head-over-heels in love with the insanely awesome fringed necklace.

Totally awesome. It is clear to me now that harem pants are awesome and that cropped tuxedo jackets make everything ten times cooler. The fact that Behati is wearing this outfit is not influencing my view, I swear, but damn this just has the perfect vibe for a perfect spring evening.

The ruching detail on this bodice is one of my favorites. It's such a subtle simple way to add decoration to a dress that really doesn't need anything. I love the slight Margiela-vibe that the strong shoulder is giving off, it's just perfect.


erikka said...

Formal harem pants - for when MC Hammer has to attend a black tie event?

Enfievre said...

yay! how'd you get that invite? cause you are laia, fashion blogger extraordinaire?

laia. said...

haha, no! I used to work at the Tibi store so I get to go.

I know, not as exciting, right?

Anonymous said...

i don't understand the aversion to volume in pants. most bodies have volume right where these pants are loose. how is that not a good thing, kwim? and i especially love how it looks on the dress!!!
you know, i hate hate hate hate mandarin collars too.